Knowing what to say: Border

Going to Spain? Want to expand your Spanish vocabulary in the meanwhile? Me too! So, we’ll help each other out. I’ll make  a list of words I think are important or interesting to know for a study abroad trip to Spain. Do you have any words you think that I should know in Spanish? suggest them and I’ll follow up.

la franjafran’-hah

noun ( strip, band; border, fringe )


  1. Vivo en la franja de tierra cerca del río.

    I live on the strip of land near the river.

  2. Me gusta mucho la franja amarilla en este vestido.

    I really like the yellow fringe on this dress.


  1. la franja (horaria) de máxima audiencia

    prime time (television)

  2. la franja de edad

    age range / age-group

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2 thoughts on “Knowing what to say: Border”

  1. Dinero= Money
    Monedas= Coins
    Tarjeta De Credito = Credit Card
    Efectivo = Cash

    Money is important where ever you go! lol

    1. lol. You are correct! Money is one of the most important word to know. Where to get the money from, however, is probably slightly more important!
      These should help:

      bank – banco
      automated teller machine (ATM) – cajero automático
      money exchange – cambio de moneda

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