Tips for if you get lost #1

Okay, so I was thinking. I’m not exactly a Spanish pro, so if I got lost in Spain I may not know what to say. Which reminded my of a trick I once had to employ. By saying some of the words I didn’t know in English, but with a Spanish accent, I was able to explain something to a Spanish lady I work with who isn’t fluent in English. Listen, I know you must think I’m off my rockers to give you such advice, but think about the fact that language, just like anything else, evolves over time, and will absorb elements from surrounding languages and cultures. So, just in case you weren’t sure, I’ll be pointing out many words, which when said (in English, but not like English), mean the same or near the same in other languages. Oh, and yeah, these are referred to as cognates 🙂. Will also be including spanish cognates for other languages.

Spanish Cognates

English  German  (Special) Sound
garage  garaje  [gah-rah’-hay] – “j” is pronounced like an “h”
garden  jardin  har-deen
gasoline  gasolina  gah-soh-lee-na
general  general  hay-nay-rahl : in words beginning with “ge”, the “g” sounds like an “h”

German Cognates

English  German  (Special) Sound
 accent  akzent
 America  Amerika
 vague  vage  vaghe
 villa  villa
 vanilla  vanille  vah-nil-ay

Russian Cognates

English Spanish  Russian-Phonetic
night noche  noch
salt sal  sol
snow  sneg
water  vodA
sun  solntse
milk  miluko
nose  nOs
English: Map of world languages.
Map of world languages

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