Tips for if you get lost #2

Oh, yeah, about cognates. Some of them are false cognates, meaning that the words in both languages sound or are spelt the same, but they have different meanings. Don’t say these things if you don’t mean them haha!

False Spanish Cognates

English Spanish
globe globo (balloon)
pie pie (foot)
rope ropa (clothes)
soap sopa (soup or pasta)
large largo (long)
exit éxito (success)
hay hay (there is)

False German Cognates

German English English German
Achsel shoulder axle Achse
Advokat lawyer advocate Befürworter
After rectum after nach
Akt nude (artwork); act (theater) act (deed) Tat
alle Tage alle Tage all day den ganzen Tag
English: Map of world languages.
Map of world languages

One thought on “Tips for if you get lost #2”

  1. Very interesting! I should write some of these down because I’ve probably have used these words in the wrong context before. lol

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