The peculiarity of the British: Traveling by train

Got a train pass for continental Europe like the Eurail passes?

Sorry to inform you that it won’t work in Great Britain. If you want to travel the Island with unlimited train rides, then one of the Britrail passes are your best bet. I am not sure why the British national railway chose not to accept the pass and enter the combined rail system like most of the other European states. Also, even if you want to cross the tunnel that runs beneath the British Channel (dividing France and Great Britain) known as the chunnel, you should know that neither of the regional pass systems will cover your travel cost. Instead, you will need to invest in another fare: a Eurostar ticket. However, there is some silver lining as a discount is offered for both the Britrail pass system and Eurostar tickets for Eurail passholders.

I had been looking at the travel and oyster cards (prepaid cards used to cover bus fare) and decided that a pass was probably better to use due to the large amount of traveling I have planned. The single fare prices, though low, would add up over time to being more in comparison than the pass. But, if your are staying for less than two weeks and don’t plan to do lots of traveling, then the travel card or oyster card will do well for you.

Once again offers some discounts for those of us who are under 25.


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