Travel Abroad Scavenger Hunt: Backbpacking


A crucial element in any backpacking adventure is having enough space in your backpack to carry all our essentials. Please note that essentials is meant to refer to things that you absolutely will need, not what you think may come in handy. I stumbled across a very helpful tool for creating more room and organization in my backpack: space savers! This awesome invention combines the impermeability (waterproof-ness/air-tightness) of a plastic bag, with the compacting, space-creating force of vacuum. These are now made by different companies under different names, but the premise is the same. Removal of excess (and valueless) air from your luggage creates more room for your valuable essentials. This is especially true of clothing or linen, which is meant to retain fluffiness by having fibers that just won’t lay flat. The suction created by the vacuum and the plastic against the item, makes sure that it’s kept as flat and compact as possible.

So I just tested it out. Works great with hand rolling, but works even better when you attach a vacuum cleaner’s hose to the built-in vacuum port. Hand rolling it did an okay job, so I will be able to re-pack my bag while away from a vacuum. It’s really so easy and fun; I could see myself using this for everyday clothes storage based simply on efficiency. The pack I got wasn’t too expensive (8 pack for about $20), but I doubt I would buy a ton of these for everyday use.


What do you think?

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