Travel Abroad Scavenger Hunt: Earphones

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Earphones are absolutely necessary when you’re traveling long distances, especially the ones to and from your destination country. That part of the journey is usually when peopler are most anxious. Sitting aboard a boat, in a car, or on a plane (like I will be) for more than 4 hours will be very boring after a while and perhaps highly stressful if you don’t bring things along to keep you occupied.

I have fallen asleep on EVERY plan ride I have ever been on… except for two that were between two nearby islands that lasted nearly 15 minutes. This one, I think will not prove the exception, but seeing as my naps usually only last between 2 and 4 hours, I sure will need some music, games, and writing to occupy me. Well, what would I do if my earphones stopped working?Hey, weird things happen to things when you need them most!

So I’m making sure not only to have my trusty old earphones, but I order some cool new red skull candy ones for 1/3 the price thanks to! So if one gets lost or broken, I’ll still be able to jam both ways across the Atlantic and in between!

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