Travel Abroad Scavenger Hunt: Electronic Storage Media

One of the most important things you should remember to do on your trip is finding ways to remember it later! After all the time and money you’ve spent going to your destination country, it’s really not cost efficient to not be able to remember it in a few years or to not be able to show the cool stuff you’ve seen to your friends.

This is why I bought an extra SD card for my camera. It was a reasonable price, especially seeing as this card hold 8 times more data than my previous card with both costing about the same price. It was also really sleek and cool looking (although that shouldn’t be important, it did serve to solidify my choice).
Extra space on my camera (the new card by itself and my old card as a backup) is essential for a stress free travel experience. Think about all the times you won’t have to decide which of your amazing pictures to delete in order to take a picture of this other amazing sight. With extra space, you can take them all! Even if you plan on taking your laptop without or transferring the photos to internet cloud storage regularly during your trip, you never know when you might forge to clear new space, or simply run into a day where you actually want to take 30 million photos. A bit of a stretch, I know, but you get my point.

What features are good for an SD card or other electronic storage media card?

  1. Well, this particular card has memory chips that are protected from liquids and dust. Should you spill water or juice on this card, or have it fall into a glass of the same, it (nor its precious contents) will be negatively affected.
    Samsung’s website reports:

    SAMSUNG molded its memory cards with EMC and tested them. The memory cards were soaked in various liquids including water, 5% acetic acid, 5% salt water and 1% sodium carbonate acid for 24 hours. Neither the card nor the data inside was compromised by harsh testing.

  2. Speed is also important. Both read speed (how fast data is transferred from the card to a computer) and write speed (how fast data can be written to a card) for this card was great. It has a max read speed of 24MB/s and a max write speed of 13MB/s.
  3. A large amount of storage space is probably one of the most important factors in memory card choice. This card was an 8GB, meaning that it could (as advertised) store about 2000 photos or songs (140 hrs of music).
  4. This card also is also magnet proof and shock proof. This means that if this card is run over by a 1.6 ton vehicle, the photos still won’t be lost. It also means that I can remain calm about any sort of magnetic exposure (e.g. x-rays).

Video detailing the “destruction” of a Samsung SDHC Card.

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