Travel Abroad Scavenger Hunt: Security Locks

So, you’re going to a country filled with strangers probably via ports and vehicles that are filled with strangers (not to mention the fact that you’re leaving a country filled with strangers as well!) So, maintaining the integrity of your belongings should be of the utmost importance.

A simple measure to take is to put a lock on your bag(s). In order to keep it simple though, you have to think of the situations surrounding the use of a bag lock. What happens in the airport to your lock when TSA needs/wants to check your luggage? Well, as their agents are allowed to remove anything that blocks their ability to verify the contents of your bag(s), your lock is trash!

Unless, you have a TSA Recognized Baggage Lock. Like the one I just got in the mail, these locks feature a red Travel Sentry Approved logo or a Safe Skies emblem.

In an agreement between the lock manufactures, all TSA checkpoints are provided with information and tools to unlock and re-lock these special locks. This means that your lock won’t be cut by TSA agents, saving you valuable time and money. The locks are now integrated into some luggage by manufactures such as Samsonite, meaning that you won’t need to remember locks and that your bags won’t get utterly defaced. Though probably not universal, the locks can be opened by US, UK, and some Japanese and Dutch agencies/ministries/departments.

What do you think?

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