Shout out: Chase Visa Sapphire Preferred Credit Card

I had tried not to use the name of the card too much out of fear that my readers might think that I endorsed the card, but I am really in love with this credit card!

If anyone has ever boarded a plane before, he/she will know that the boarding zones are helpful in preventing everyone from barraging the plane at once. However, one will notice that within your boarding zone, chaos often ensues, as numerous people with seats in the same area are fighting to put their bags into the overheads at once.

Wouldn’t it be cool to be the first one in your boarding zone to board the plane, and be able to put your bags up and get comfortable before anyone else arrives? Well, with VISA Signature cards on US Airways, that’s a benefit you have, or at least I had for my connecting flight between Orlando, FL and Charlotte, NC. I was able to flash the back of my card and was allowed to board the plane as if I had some special VIP wristband. Needless to say, I was happy I had brought this card with my for my travel (tip: you shouldn’t bring them all).

This is the same card that allowed me to book my hostel reservations for Vienna, Rome, Paris, Amsterdam, and Berlin in GBP(£) without charging a foreign currency conversion fee.

This is also the same card that saved me hundreds of dollars on my transatlantic plane ticket with easily earned rewards points.

This is the same card that’s made out of some weird hard plastic or flexible metal that makes the eyes of every dining cashier (double points at fast food, sit-down, and take-out restaurants) sparkle with interest.

This is also the same card that earns double points on travel, and whose points are worth about $0.01. 1 cent doesn’t sound like a lot, but after paying for tuition, groceries, and utility bills for a month, there’s no way you won’t rack up enough points to at least exceed the $95.00 annual membership fee. Besides, even if YOU don’t spend that much, you can always add trusted friends or family members to the account, with them each receiving their own personalized cards.

One downside of the card is that with its almost blank outer side (numbers are printed on back), it’s easy to see scratches on it. After the first few weeks of using it stopped telling cashiers not to scratch my card out of fear of sounding pretentious, and because I realized it was futile.

p.s., I am not offering financial advice. Please bear in mind that high credit scores are necessary for the card, which offers higher balances (it is for travel after all). Applying for and obtaining or not obtaining the card will all possibly affect your credit score. My personal advice is, however, to use credit wisely and NEVER charge/borrow more than you can pay back.


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