Week 1 Bahamas: New Providence Photo Summary 2

From the amount of businesses found in every nook and cranny of the island is impressive. From shopping centers to roadside stands and homes, Bahamians (as seen on New Providence in particular) seem to be very entrepreneurial. In the photo album you’ll see many examples of self-run tailor or barber shops and fruit sellers. One problem to point out, however, is the failure in diversification. Although there were many saloons, for example, locals haven’t ventured into more risky and potentially more productive enterprise. It is to be conceded that deficiency in demand may play a factor. There’s very little to do for recreation and entertainment with very few movie theaters and bowling alleys concentrated on one or two islands. Because it rained every day of my trip to New Providence, most of the photos hide the usually beautifully blue skies that mirror the pristine water.

Light interesting notes:

  • Gas is expensive
  • During the public news broadcast, there is a person using sign language to translate
  • Post office boxes are used instead of personal mailboxes
  • Gas stations have attendants that pump your gas for you
  • Lots of churches
  • Lots of bars
  • Public schools are painted yellow with green and white accents
  • Police and fire stations are usually painted green
  • Public Health facilities are usually painted pink
  • Court houses are painted pink
  • College of the Bahamas buildings are generally painted pink with white

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