More Camera Tips

Tip 1

Don’t forget to buy extra batteries! I bought replacement batteries for my Sony dxc hx5 from an Amazon vendor. Unlike many replacement items not bought from the OEM manufacturer, this battery provided an extra feature that the original battery did not. It allowed me to see how much time was remaining for battery use instead of only the battery power meter that’s usually there. Having backup power came in handy when I had to rush out of the house one day and had forgotten to recharge the battery that was in the camera. Because I was only going to be out for a short, while I knew I probably wouldn’t need both batteries, but I knew I would need at lease one full one. So I was able to plug the used one in and take the full one with me.

Tip 2

If you will be traveling on the train or tour buses or boats, then you should definitely invest in a high shutter speed camera. You don’t need an extra fancy, extra expensive one. I suggest the one that I have. It’s like it was built for people on the go. You can take 10 photos all in less than a second with the “burst” mode, or quickly capture a moving subject (or a still subject when you’re moving). What it does is takes many shoots extremely quickly and combines them into one perfect photo almost every time! I don’t recall how much I paid for it (got it last fall for a school project), but I know that I wouldn’t have spent more money that was needed or more than it was worth.



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