Kingston, Windsor, and Bath (Part 1)

Today I went to visit a university (or “uni” as I have heard the English call it). I had recently heard about Kingston University and its location, the Royal Borough of Kingston upon Thames, wasn’t too far off my train trail. With that agreed upon, I also agreed that I did not have much time to explore the town. As its main attraction seemed to be the shops, with many of them closed due to the bank holiday for the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee celebrations, there weren’t that many things to do or see there in any case. I need up in a Primark store, where I bought a small carry bag (See tip at bottom). I had heard negative comments about the store, but I wasn’t at all put off by it. I would have probably purchased a few t-shirts if my backpack had space in it or if my shoulders were capable of more than the limit to which I had already subjected them.


Take a smaller more portable bag than your big backpack. Items like electronics (cameras, batteries, computers, etc) and food stuffs will be used by you when you’re out on the road. If your hostel allows you to rent lockers (sometimes for free), you should use one to store the large burdensome bag, the contents of which will only be used at the hostel in any case.

This day’s events are continued in an upcoming post.


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