Storing your money

During the planning phase of my trip I purchased a money belt under the assumption that it would provide the most convenient and secure way of carrying my money.  The belt has easy-open zippers for your to quickly retrieve cash, but I believe that if one was to zip it open in public, it would appear make others think that you had a reason to hide your money, and that perhaps it is a large sum. This obviously unnecessarily increases security risk. The best solution is to take a few bills out of the belt to keep in your pockets. Bigger bills and the majority of your money can then be kept safely from the eyes of bystanders.

Although the security factor was definitely provided for, the convenience aspect has been utterly lacking. If you have any sort of fashion sense, you may be horrified by the bulk it adds to your stomach area. What I ended up doing was keeping the money belt in a light bag I had purchased to carry my laptop, other electronics, and travel documents in when walking about. So, from my experience, although helpful, a money belt could be replaced with something less obtrusive that you could keep in a larger (but medium-sized) carry bag. If you wear larger shirts or would rather a pouch that won’t be able to leave lying about, then a money belt remains the best option for you.


What do you think?

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