To Kingston, Windsor, and Bath (Part 2)

Upon leaving, I decided to visit Windsor Castle, which was only about 5 train stops away. I had seen photos of the castle before. I had also read my history books and know that many castles are large. I had even seen the “castle” at Disney’s Magic Kingdom and the model of Hogwarts at Universal Studios Islands of Adventure in Florida. I have also seen countless castles in movies, but seeing my first castle was simply breathtaking. This thing is huge! I am not even sure if my words or photos can aptly describe its dimensions. It literally towered above the landscape with its massive walls and grandiose seat upon the city’s centre hill. I exited the train station directly at the foot of the great castle hill, where a very lucky school, St. George’s is established.
As I stood there at the castle gates, I wished beyond all things to enter its ancient halls, but sadly, the line through the visitor entrance stretched almost endlessly down the street. I imagine the jubilee festivities and the time of day I decided to go there (after 1 in the evening) had made the possibility of a short line highly improbable.I will definitely have to go inside the next time I travel to England!
I was still able to enjoy the visit however, as exploring the quiet, beautiful town was an adventure in its own right. I wandered down a neighbourhood street where the residents were planning something of a block party. Differing from the American block parties I have
seen, instead of music and dancing, the neighbours were competing with tea tables, fine china, and crumpets. I followed a high thick wall that lay at the centre of the small town to discover it was a royal barracks. Like many of the public buildings in the country I’ve seen, the foundation stone, as recorded, was laid by a member of the royal family. This time, Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother was to thank.

An interesting thing happened at Windsor. I got lost. Well, when I needed to find a train, I thought I did. The bad news was that I had wandered around the city and had actually stumbled on a second train station in search for the one I had arrived at. The good news was that this was actually the station I needed for the next leg of my journey since I wasn’t returning to Kingston! Following the first rule of traveling, I had kept calm in my station search even though I thought I was lost. In the end, this level-headedness paid off.

This day’s events are continued in an upcoming post.

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