To Kingston, Windsor, and Bath (Part 3)

After I left Windsor, I headed to Bath where I visited the site of the ancient Roman baths from whence the city got its name. It was there that I partook in the first paid tour for my trip.

The money was well spent, as there was a museum at the site with the most extensive baths still in existence from the roman period. I was guided through the history, architecture, and background of the site by an electronic system consisting of a digital audio receiver with numbered exhibits and displays. I was able to walk amidst the city’s beautiful architecture well until after 6, as the sun doesn’t set during this time of year until about 8 or 9 pm.

Earlier in my walk, i had spotted this restaurant that had a sign that read, “‘Our favourite place to eat in Bath’ – Lonely Planet,” and so I walked all the way back to it after I had had enough exploring, only to find that without a reservation, I wouldn’t be able to eat there that day. So I wandered further up and down a hill or to in the direction of the train station and I stumbled upon Bistro La Barrique, a quant little French restaurant. I had duck confit for the first time. With a tick layer of potatoes and cheese smothering soft lemoned duck meat, it was genuinely delicious. I hadn’t done my research and couldn’t remember if it was acceptable to tip in the UK, so I quietly asked one of the waiters. He replied in the affirmative, and although I was late for my train, I dug into my trousers to find some change (with anything below a £5 note denominated in coins, it’s always confusing as to whether I would dredge up a hand full of pence or a £20 fist).

On the train ride back to my hostel, I tried using only overground trains, because of my Britrail pass, but found it impractical when switching stations in London.

Tip #1

Take a smaller more portable bag than your big backpack. Items like electronics (cameras, batteries, computers, etc) and food stuffs will be used by you when you’re out on the road. If your hostel allows you to rent lockers (sometimes for free), you should use one to store the large burdensome bag, the contents of which will only be used at the hostel in any case.

If you see any fancy restaurants that say “rated in top 10 by major travel magazine” or something along those lines and you would like to dine there, then make a reservation right way.

Click here for my Roman Baths photos


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