Journey to Oxford, Continued

Oxford was beautiful. Dominated in ancient academic tradition, it’s many schools housed lush garden behind their castle like walls. If you look through the photos, you will see one of me peering through a gate at one of the exclusive university-only buildings. I think it was the student union. There was a former prison that a has been transformed into a hotel, where they’ve even kept one of the original rooms.

It was in Oxford, with all its academic institutions that I first saw a sign that read “free wifi.”

I had a friend of mine give my a tour of the city that I would have been unable to fully explore alone. I had lunch at a wonderful burrito joint and a quick stroll through the city’s main shopping district. I would have liked to walked through some of the school tours, but I didn’t know which one to choose and decided it was best to steal glimpses through the large stone and black iron defenses shielding the schools. You should be able to spot some in the gallery below. I visited the city museum which was just teeming with interesting finds from paintings to jewelry to china displays. France and ancient Egypt where on display next to busts of cardinals, popes, and kings. I love history and art is a fine way of bring it to life, especially when I get to use the knowledge I’ve learnt in art history courses to help me guess a few displays.

My friend and I, along with two of his schoolmates had dinner at a wonderful restaurant, Head of the River, where I had a pims (a supposedly very British alcoholic drink). With diced fruits floating I the sprite and liquor blend, it made for a nice after-meal refresher. I ate a venison burger with mushrooms and chips. One thing I had forgotten and tend to usually forget is that I find blue cheese simply repulsive, so I had to scrape that off. Other than that, the meal was sheer brilliance! I was so full, I was happy to see it was raining and that we needed to ring a cabbie.

Oxford seemed like a really nice place to explore (with more time, I would have checked out the Harry Potter backdrops scattered around the city that I’d heard about. If you visit, do take some of the school tours, take photos, and share please!



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