Hereford to Manchester

I slept in Oxford to save travel time on my last day of my BritRail pass validity. I decided I’d have lunch as far west as,my pass allowed. Because my pass wasn’t valid in Wales, this happened to be Hereford. Because the walk from my friend’s place to the station was too far, I rung up a cab. The driver and I had a wonderfully entertaining conversation about preservatives, steroids,many a comparison of American, British, and self-grown and organic fruits and foodstuffs. after the long ride to Hereford I got out at the station where I almost froze to death from the icy wind and steady rainfall. I quickly changed my mind and decided that Manchester in the north would be a better choice as being a bigger city, would have more food options, and a safe distance away to maybe have a different weather environment than unwelcoming Hereford that day. After an even longer train ride, I arrived at Manchester where it was noticeably warmer, but the rain persisted. The increase in lunch choices skyrocketed in the large metropolitan hub that awaited me. I got off a bus near Piccadilly gardens in search for food. I found , where I had a beef pot pie with French fries and salad. With the rainy-but interesting view from my table out the window, I was able to enjoy the awesome meal.


I seemed to have deleted the photos of this day from my camera! I will started emptying the card regularly so that I don't have to rush and delete 900 photos in a panic for more space on the road.

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