Sightseeing: Praha


Prague, Czech Republic

Prague is one of the largest and, in my opinion, most beautiful cities of Europe. I was able to see much of the city’s wonderful architectural diversity in the few hours I was there.

Anyone who likes history is probably at least a little interested in the systems of dynastic rule that governed european affairs for much of the period beginning with the medieval era. For over 800 years, an interesting arrangement existed in the north of the Continent, with the existence of a vast empire whose succession was by law effected not through hereditary right, but by virtue of election by the German prince-electors known as Kurfürst. This Imperium Romanum Sacrum, or Holy Roman Empire, was was at one point ruled by the King of Bohemia (a kingdom which is much of present-day Czech Republic). This imperial connection bode well for Prague as her importance and inheritance were increased tremendously. She received such endowments as Central Europe’s oldest university, Charles University and the world’s largest castle complex.

Zizkov District TV tower, Prague

 I was able to stop by this interesting transmitter tower that features 10 massive ebony babies climbing its three legs. The tower was built during the Communist era and is referred to by many as Jakeš’s finger in reference to the ousted community leader. My tour guide explained that some say that the longest vertical extension is his index finger, while others maintain that it is in fact another of his digit, extended in a far less genial hand gesture.

I was able to visit a museum that had a baroque exhibition for only 2 euro after I presented my International Student Identification card (probably they only time I’ve used it on my entire trip).

The Loreta Church

Beautiful buildings hide around every corner! Here is the Loreta Church. Built by Jesuits, it features a distinctly baroque main facade.

Prague Castle
Prague Castle

Here’s a photo of the gate I entered to Prague Castle. I video-recorded most of my walk through the enormous complex. You should see the video post appearing shortly.


  • Always take photos in the highest quality possible. You can always reduce the quality for size or other reasons later. I had forgotten the name of a place in a photo and was able to zoom in on a small street address sign and then use Google maps to find my way.
  • Going off of the first tip, try to take photos regularly, even if you don’t see something of interest, that way you can re-trace your steps using a map even after your memory’s fizzed out.



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