Budapest continued

I learned some interesting things about Hungary and Budapest on my tour through the city.
Like the Czech Republic, Hungary too had a king that was canonised as the first confessor king. St Stephen I of Hungary is recognized as the first king and the founder of Hungary. He, also like the Czech royal St. Wenceslas had a royal family member who was also canonised, his son, Saint Emeric of Hungary.

The Holy Crown of Hungary

An interesting tradition in Hungary exists wherein the Crown of St. Stephen I was regarded as a distinct legal person and was the true head of state, or the state itself, and that the king ruled in the name of the crown. The crown was a coronation crown and was used only for that purpose. It could only be touched by two people: the person who placed the crown on a pillow and the Archbishop of Esztergom, who allow possessed the right to crown the king. The object alone conferred legality (with the authority of the archiepiscopal coronation) on the kings of Hungary.

The Hungarian Parliament Building (Országház)

I think that buildings that house the seat of government are always intended to be beautiful, or at least impressive in an effort to convey the majesty of the state to citizens and visitors alike. Hungary proved to be no exception to this with its marvellous Országház (Hungarian for “house of the country”). The Hungarian Parliament Building sits majestically on the eastern bank of the Danube.

  • architectural style: Gothic Revival
  • one of Budapest’s tallest buildings
  • largest building in Hungary

Fun fact:

For a time, the Hungarian throne was inherited through agnatic seniority. This succession arrangement prefers the male siblings of the last monarch in order of age to his sons and the sons of this brothers by age. It is the form used in the Saudi Arabian line of succession today.

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