Traveling Languages Series Post: D, E, F

If you’re thinking of traveling to other countries, it’s interesting to see the languages officially used there. I’m hoping this series will help you plan which countries to visit to practice, study, or hear a rare language or simply just to know which languages are official in which state.

  •  Denmark
    • Danish (statewide)
    • Faroese (in the Faroe Islands)
    • German (protected minority language in Southern Jutland)
    • Kalaallisut (in Greenland)
  •  Djibouti
    • Arabic
    • French
  •  Dominica
    • English
  •  Dominican Republic
    • Spanish
  •  East Timor
    • Portuguese
    • Tetum
    • Indonesian (constitutionally enlisted as working language, and still in widely used after 23 years annexation)
  •  Ecuador
    • Spanish (Quechua or Kichwa and Shuar are official languages of intercultural relation, ancient languages are official in their territories.)
  •  Egypt
    • Arabic
    • Coptic (de jure language of the Coptic Church)
  •  El Salvador
    • Spanish
  •  Equatorial Guinea
    • Spanish
    • French
    • Portuguese
  •  Eritrea
    • Arabic (working language)
    • Tigrinya (working language)
    • English (official)
  •  Estonia
    • Estonian (nationwide official language)
    • Russian (de facto minority language)
  •  Ethiopia
    • Amharic (working language)
  •  Fiji
    • English
    • Fijian
    • Hindustani
  •  Finland
    • Finnish (statewide, except in the Åland Islands)
    • Swedish (statewide) (in the Åland Islands where Swedish is spoken monolingually)
    • Sami (minority language in Enontekiö, Inari, Sodankylä, and Utsjoki)
  •  France and overseas departments and territories (Languages of France and language policy in France)

    • French (statewide)
    • Corsican (in Corsica)
    • Breton (in Brittany)
    • Tahitian (in French Polynesia)

Info retrieved from Wikipedia.


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