Nach Österreich, Nach Wien!

I boarded the train at Budapest Keleti station at 15:10 bound for Vienna (Wien) WestBahnoff in Austria. I arrived at 18:00 after falling in and out of sleep along the way. I was able to see that the Austrians were greatly invested in renewable energies such as wind and solar. I wasn’t able to get too many clear shots because the train was traveling too fast, but I’ve included a shot of only of the many wind farms I saw along the Austrian countryside. I don’t remember if I was still stuck in sleep mode, but the subway station confused me. Perhaps I was to accustomed to the London model, where subway lines rarely, if at all, share the same track. But there was the green line and the brown line, both on the same track, in German.

Possibly helpful tip: Make sure you’re really awake before leaving a station :-)!
I stayed at the Wombat’s City Hostels Vienna At The Naschmarkt. It was a one of the nicest hostels on my entire trip, comparable to the MEININGER Hotel at Berlin Hauptbahnhof. It was set out more like a hotel than most of the other hostels I’d stayed at during my travels. With many floors, roomy elevators and large security doors dotted along the wide hallways, everything just seemed so much cleaner and happier (although I’m not quite sure how buildings can be happy, you’ll know what I mean when you’ve experienced it). Any additional cost in comparison to the other hostels in the area would’ve been completely justified, but the hostel was reasonably priced below most of any nearby competitor, outshining others in value and ratings. It’s really close to the Kettenbrückengasse rail station. Needless to say, that night I took advantage of the proximity and headed off to a nice shopping district nearby.

I also probably shouldn’t say, but this was another stop at which I committed the travel sin of eating at an American fast-food chain. This time it was McDonald’s and ordering my trusty Big Mac, I didn’t even bother looking for Austrian menu inclusions!

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