Traveling Languages Series Post: O, P

If you’re thinking of traveling to other countries, it’s interesting to see the languages officially used there. I’m hoping this series will help you plan which countries to visit to practice, study, or hear a rare language or simply just to know which languages are official in which state.

  •  Oman
    • Arabic
  •  Pakistan
    • Urdu (national Language; official)
    • English (official Language)
    • Sindhi (provincial language of Sindh)
    • Other major languages like Punjabi, Balochi and Pashto have no official recognition
  •  Palau
    • English (statewide)
    • Palauan (statewide)
    • Sonsorolese (in Sonsorol)
    • Tobian (in Hatohobei)
    • Japanese (in Angaur)
  •  Panama
    • Spanish
  •  Papua New Guinea
    • English
    • Hiri Motu
    • Tok Pisin
  •  Paraguay
    • Spanish
    • Guaraní
  •  Peru
    • Spanish (Official)
    • Aymara (co-official)
    • Quechua (co-official)
    • All native languages in areas where they are spoken by the majority of people
  •  Philippines
    • Filipino (statewide) (national)
    • English (statewide)
    • Arabic (Recognised as “voluntary and optional” statewide)
    • Spanish (Recognised as “voluntary and optional” statewide)
    • Bikol Central (Recognized as “auxiliary official” in Luzon)
    • Cebuano (“auxiliary official” in Visayas and Mindanao)
    • Chavacano (“auxiliary official” in Basilan and Zamboanga Peninsula)
    • Hiligaynon (“auxiliary official” in Visayas and Mindanao)
    • Ilokano (“auxiliary official” in Luzon)
    • Kapampangan (“auxiliary official” in Luzon)
    • Kinaray-a (“auxiliary official” in the Visayas)
    • Maranao (“auxiliary official” in Mindanao)
    • Maguindanao (“auxiliary official” in Mindanao)
    • Pangasinan (“auxiliary official” in Luzon)
    • Tagalog (“auxiliary official” in Luzon)
    • Tausug (“auxiliary official” in Mindanao)
    • Waray-Waray (“auxiliary official” in the Visayas)
  •  Poland
    • Polish (sole official language of state)
    • Kashubian (recognised regional language and auxiliary language in part of Pomeranian Voivodeship)
    • German (minority language and auxiliary language in part of Opole Voivodeship)
    • Lithuanian (minority language and auxiliary language) in Puńsk commune, Podlaskie Voivodeship
    • Belarusian (minority language and auxiliary language in Hajnówka commune, Podlaskie Voivodeship)
  •  Portugal (Languages of Portugal)
    • Portuguese (official)
    • Mirandese (regional, in Miranda do Douro)


Info retrieved from Wikipedia.


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