Memes, Signs, Tips!

en2 Like everyone else, including our melancholic Mr. Kitty, I love a good meme. Every few days I’ll be posting some favourites I’ve made or/and seen. Some will actually incorporate photos I’ve taken on my travels. If you spot any, check out the next in the series to see if you got it right :-)!  Also, check out If I’ve left any helpful tips below. The memes may be funny but their significance could mean the difference between a great or terrible trip!
es2Como la otra persona, me gustan memes! A veces, voy a publicar mis favoritos: algunos he visto y algunos he hecho. Vas a ver unos fotos de mis viajes. Si tú ves estás fotos, puedes adivinar de donde las tomé. Voy a responder en la próxima entrada de Memes, Signs, & Tips!. También, hay consejos relacionados debajo. Algunos son la diferencia entre un viaje bueno o malo!


travel memes

travel memes

travel memes

travel memes

Previous Meme Explanations

True Josh Experience: First week in England, and every day until the day I left. Please note that this becomes very annoying when you have to walk up stairs thinking 2nd floor is one flight up!

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