About Exploration Abroad!

Español: Bandera de Alcalá de Henares (España)...
Bandera de Alcalá de Henares (España)

The original and a lasting motive for this website is to increase the awareness of immersion in foreign cultures. I propose it as essential to modern academic advancement, but also suggest even on a purely recreational basis.

When creating this website, I was able to prepare for a Spanish language and cultural immersion programme via my home institution (the University of Central Florida) in Alcalá that was hosted by the Instituto Franklin of the Universidad de Alcalá de Henares. During my travels, I became besotted with life in Europe and decided to continue my professional studies in London.

While providing one with the rare opportunity to travel thousands of miles into new and exciting adventure, I believe that studying abroad is crucial to one’s understanding and retention of a foreign language and foreign cultures. Fluency in another language and understanding of other cultures should be an important goal, as it will make one more marketable in a workforce where multilingual skills are becoming increasingly essential. Fluency, especially in one of the more widely spoken languages, allows one to communicate with more people across a much broader spectrum of issues. This is key to those, like myself, who desire to work in areas of diplomacy, such as in the US State Department or the United Nations. A proper understanding of the interaction between cooperation and understanding cannot occur in a vacuum. An immersion in a study abroad environment will provide an in-depth understanding of other cultures and languages that a traditional university language course could not afford.

The initial decision to make this website was based on a desire to inform and encourage students to participate in study abroad opportunities. Since its creation, I have broadened the scope of the website to encompass tips and steps involved in planning and actual travel abroad. I have also sought to present a brief overview of the enumerable experiences with which I have been blessed while traveling abroad within and beyond the confines of my study programmes abroad.

I trust you will enjoy reading about my advice and experiences while following my adventures abroad!

Joshua S
University of Central Florida
Universidad de Alcalá de Henares

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