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Travel Finds: Farting, Antarctica, Sleeping Pods, and Soloshot

Here are some great articles about great travelling goodies, places, and discoveries that I’ve stumbled onto recently. I thought you would be interested :D!

Passing Gas Mid-Flight Is Good For Your Health, Doctors Find.By McLean Robbins

A new study from a group of New Zealand physicians has confirmed something we’re rather certain most people would rather not know: it’s not only OK, but preferred, that passengers pass gas mid-flight. Read more…

Napcabs Debuts Sleeping Pods at Munich Airport. By Deanna Cioppa

We’ve all attempted it—the quick nap between flights at the airport, wedged betwixt a row of chairs and a recycling bin, our carry-on for a pillow. Not the most restful sleep, is it? Well at Terminal 2 of the Munich Airport, passengers can snooze in style via napcabs. When we first heard the term, we immediately thought of some sort of large van with cots (a la the “Relaxicab” from Friends), but as it turns out, napcabs are stationary pods one can rent for some quick Zzz’s or just some peace and quiet Read more…

Five Things You (Probably) Don’t Know About Antarctica. 



This is the latest post in my series about Antarctica. The trip was made possible thanks to Adventure Life, the small group adventure tourcompany that specializes in, among other things, Antarctica cruises. Read more…

Soloshot “Automatic Cameraman”: Like Traveling with a Film Crew in Your Daypack. By MIKE RICHARD

If you’re not the sort of well heeled travel photographer/videographer who rolls with an entire film crew, the new Soloshot is for you. Billed as an “automatic cameraman”, it’s designed for solo recording and capturing of photos and video when you haven’t got a backup crew or friends to do it for you. It mounts between your camera and any standard tripod, then automatically tracks and follows your movements via a radio transmitter armband like so: Read more…


Cool Travel Facts!

Here are some cool facts I found while browsing the internet. I actually went to the Trevi fountain and wondered why they didn’t collect all the money that lay at the bottom of the fountain. Now I know it’s being put to good use :-)!

Falklands Indonesia Trevi, Rome Australia France USA

On spotting mountains and climbing them

A really reflective poem by P. Alford reminds us that traveling, like many other things, isn’t only for the very rich or a select few. You can do almost anything if you put your mind to it. Limitations are self-created, self-preserved!

Climb the highest mountain,
Swim the deepest sea,
Always aim to be,
The best that you can be,
Love with all your heart,
Laugh with all your soul,
Enjoying every day you live,
Should be your daily goal,
Remember you are special,
Unique in every way,
Let no one on this earth,
Stand in your way.

Here’s an article I drifted onto the other day. It’s on 10 Spectacular Volcanic Plugs & Natural Monoliths. My hope is to ascend El Peñón de Guatapé in Colombia one day!
Sugarloaf Mountain, Brazil
El Peñón de Guatapé
El Peñón de Guatapé
Penyal d’Ifac, Spain,_%C3%89glise_Saint-Laurent_et_Aiguilhe_PM_48569.jpg
Saint Michel d’Aiguilhe, France

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