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While providing one with the rare opportunity to travel thousands of miles into new and exciting adventure, I believe that study abroad is crucial to my understanding and retention of the Spanish language. Fluency in another language should be an important goal, as it will make one more marketable in a workforce where multilingual skills are becoming increasingly essential. Fluency in one of the most widely spoken languages, allows one to communicate with more people across a much broader spectrum of issues. This is key to those who want to work in the area of diplomacy, such as in the US State Department or the United Nations. A proper understanding of the interaction between cooperation and understanding cannot occur in a vacuum. An immersion in a study abroad environment will provide an in-depth understanding of other cultures and languages that a traditional university language course could not afford.

I decided to make a website to inform and encourage students to participate in study abroad opportunities and have divided the site into three main blogging sections: Funding, Study Abroad FAQ, My Study Abroad Journal.

Things that need to be decided are whether a study abroad program would be beneficial to you and then narrowing down our options to which one is the right fit for you. Funding for your program, travel costs, and other expenses need to be factored into your decision. Most importantly, I believe that you should formulate a career plan that extends over a few years and see where this study abroad fits in. If your motivation is only for a cool trip to some far away land, then maybe you should look at postponing it to a paid vacation time during your future job. To remain valid, studying abroad must remain foremost about academics and development as opposed to sights and sounds. Without the educational aspect, studying abroad ceases to be just that!

I hope you have a fun time browsing my website and here’s to hearing from you soon!

Joshua S
Spanish Language and Culture in Alcalá de Henares
UCF Study Abroad Program Summer 2012
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