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Headed to Berlin!


Leaving Cologne, I was a bit upset with the difference between the long-distance trains I had so far used on the Continent with those I had used in Britain. The one I had used to travel to Cologne from Amsterdam didn’t have a charger port for my computer, and now the one I am using to get to Berlin only has one. (I know #first-world-problems right?)

I had paid for a train reservation online before I left London for the trip connecting Berlin and Cologne. I had overslept in Amsterdam, however, and missed the two early morning connections to Berlin. Because the train to Berlin from Cologne is over 4.5 hours, the time I planned to spend in Berlin would have been devoted to after-dark activities. This meant that in order for the time in Cologne to be worthwhile, I had to leave on a later train than the one I had previously reserved.

Headed to Berlin 3 hours off schedule, I hoped for the best!