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From the TOLB: Happy 150th Birthday London Underground: 30 reasons we love the tube

So, I was reading a piece by the The Time Out London blog in celebration of the London Underground’s 150 years of existence. Just thought to offer it for my readers to look at. I would agree with many of the points as to what makes the system so great such as convenience (#1) and the alternative the costs of car ownership (#3) or cab service (#26). I also love taking naps on the tube (tube is how Londoner’s refer to their subway system). I do also like their take on “extended bedroom,” (#19) where we can tidy up a bit more on our way to some important gig or catch up on some sleep (#14) than if we had to drive their ourselves.


One thing I would have to disagree with, however, is #27:


27. British queuing
There’s no greater example of British properness than witnessing a queue at a tube station. At the front of the queue during rush hour at Canary Wharf? No need to worry about being pushed out of the way, and if you are, there will be a volley of people speaking up for you.


I rarely see any acts of “British properness” when queueing in tube stations (queueing is how the British refer to “persons forming a line”). People are usually hell-bent on trying to board the next train, even if they only joined one of the small crowds swarming around the potential next stop of the upcoming train doors.


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