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Video Post: Journey to the Heart of London (Part 3)

I hadn’t exactly planned out the day’s sites by the hour and had not thought Buckingham Palace would have been open for the few hours that I was open. So, I missed the changing of the guard (which I had expected to miss) and the tour hours of the palace =(.

But I think that I was able to see what I think is the most impressive square I have ever laid eyes upon: Trafalgar Square in Westminster, London. The layout of the square was simply inspiring and it certainly fulfills its task of reminding visitors of the glorious victory over the Napoleonic forces at the Battle of Trafalgar. At the centre of the square is a massive column bearing a statue of Vice Admiral Horatio Lord Nelson, leader of the British forces who died during the Battle.

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On my Facebook fan page, you can find tons of extra photos. Also don’t forget to check the link for the short video clip I made this day. (I have a low-quality version on Facebook for mobile or low-bandwidth readers and a higher quality version at YouTube).

London: Facebook Album 2

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