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Liverpool St., Pakistani food, and Queen Mary’s

Today, it would not be out of place to announce that my plans for a simple travel or a semester studying abroad have gradually morphed into a desire to live in Europe for quite a bit longer, while obtaining a Master’s degree. I have already filed for graduation with my current University and begun applying at universities in London. One of them that has accepted me so far is Queen Mary, University of London (QMUL). Their political science department had arranged an orientation appointment that serendipitously coincided with my stay in the city.

Today was also the day that two of my cousins that live in London wanted to show me a great restaurant near their school on Liverpool Street. After taking the underground there, it was quite interesting to be exploring another part of London by foot.

We went to this very nice Pakistani restaurant. The food was wonderful, but if you hadn’t noticed yet, I have planned to discuss all the wonderful foods I’ve had in a separate post in the future.

After lunch, I headed for the QMUL campus. It was beautiful. We were given an introductory tour, where I found out that it was one of only two schools in London that has its entire campus on one property within the City.

I am still waiting on a few of the other schools I’ve applied to to respond. I will make updates of my progress in a later post :-D!