Traveling Languages Series Post: M

If you’re thinking of traveling to other countries, it’s interesting to see the languages officially used there. I’m hoping this series will help you plan which countries to visit to practice, study, or hear a rare language or simply just to know which languages are official in which state.

  •  Macedonia
    • Macedonian (statewide)
  •  Madagascar
    • French (official)
    • Malagasy (official and national)
  •  Malawi
    • Chichewa (national)
    • English (official)
  •  Malaysia
    • Malay (national)
    • English (official for some purposes)
  •  Maldives
    • Dhivehi
  •  Mali
    • French
  •  Malta
    • Maltese (national)
    • English
  •  Marshall Islands
    • English
    • Marshallese (national)
  •  Mauritania
    • Arabic (official)
    • French
    • Fula (national)
    • Soninke (national)
    • Wolof (national)
  •  Mauritius
    • English (official)
    • Mauritian Creole
    • French (national)
  •  Mexico
    • No official language nationwide, Spanish is the de facto but not the de jure official language.
  •  Federated States of Micronesia
    • English (statewide except in Kosrae, where it has a constitutionally protected associate status)
    • Chuukese (in Chuuk)
    • Kosraean (in Kosrae)
    • Pohnpeian (in Pohnpei)
    • Ulithian (in Yap)
    • Yapese (in Yap)
  •  Moldova
    • Romanian (statewide)
    • Gagauz (regional language)
    • Russian (regional language)
    • Ukrainian (regional language)
  •  Monaco

    • French
  •  Mongolia
    • Mongolian
  •  Montenegro
    • Montenegrin (national)
    • Albanian (in Ulcinj, along the eastern border with Albania)
    • Bosnian (regional in the north of the country)
    • Croatian (in Tivat, the Bay of Kotor area)
    • Serbian (in Herceg Novi)
  •  Morocco
    • Amazigh
    • Arabic
  •  Mozambique
    • Portuguese
  • Myanmar Myanmar (Burma)
    • Burmese


Info retrieved from Wikipedia.


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