Update: Timing is Everything!

Wed, March 7th

So, I bought my tickets on Tuesday! I am so excited!

I was even more excited about the price I paid. I paid about $600 less than I had originally budgeted largely thanks to my credit card points. But the awesomeness of it all is that the same tickets were being sold for about $500 more only hours before on my credit card rewards portal page! By waiting until early Wednesday morning, I was able to capitalize on the credit card company updating its systems (midnights) and the adventitiously late updating of United price schedule.

So, in the end the price I paid to visit a family members graduation before I head over to Europe was the same price of the ticket to Europe from where I live the next day. Lesson learned: timing is crucial, don’t wait too long, but don’t rush things either!


  • United doesn’t charge a fee for your 1st checked bag on a transatlantic flight. (I plan to backpack so I’ll definitely save money there!)
  • United is partners with the national flag carrier of one of the countries I’m stopping in. Definite savings there!
  • When airlines say they offer internet access on board, it only counts for that portion of your trip that’s over the continental U.S. (not over the ~5-hour segment above water) on a transatlantic flight.

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